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Tradeskills on Azphel
Aether Gathering
holytouchosc (Holytouch) 399
holytouchosc (Holytouch) 399
holytouchosc (Propane) 418
holytouchosc (Unholytouch) 399
Vitality Gathering
holytouchosc (Holytouch) 399
holytouchosc (Propane) 399
Steel Rake
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Thanks for ending up here...

We are a new guild but not really new... Most of us have played together for many years but as time has marched on people marry, quit playing games, go to prison...

So here we are, on Aion:Azphel:Asmodians and we are recruiting non-idiots so we can field 25 or so end game. To get to 25 from about 15, that means we need to recruit about 30 and kick the morons.

About Us: we love long walks on the beach, romantic dinners, slow, deep... wait what is the point of this again?

We are adults, we don't really like drama and we all have pretty thick skin. Aion is grindy and can wear you down, so moodiness is a real possibility in vent. We require vent because typing went out when EQ1 died.

Read more in the public forums... or click the "Apply thing" on the top of this page.

have good, get give!


Steel Rake 40-45

holytouchosc, Oct 30, 09 4:36 PM.
We are now clearing Steel Rake, shout if you want in. 
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